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Math: More, Less or Equal

Math: More, Less or Equal

Wondering how to make Math fun and how to teach the concept of numbers and quantities to a kindergartener? How to make them count and understand the relationship between numbers and quantities? Numbers are not boring. They are actually fun and entertaining. This is our we learn our numbers and quantities at home and everywhere we go.

At home
Materials required:
– a hanger
– 2 similar containers
– pasta or anything objects that can fit into the containers

Set up:
Find somewhere where you can hang up your hanger and is of a height where your child can reach. Hang the 2 containers on each side of the hanger.

How to play:
Have your child count the pasta or any objects you have chosen. In our case, we are using pasta. Place the equal amount of pasta into each container and demonstrate to your child that what it means by equal. Play with the different amount of pasta in the container and demonstrate what it means by more (heavy) or less (light).

Psst…want more challenging task? Ask them to count the whole container of pasta. Just kidding!

Once they are engaged to the activity, you will find them searching for objects to be placed in the container and start comparing the weight and the quantities.

To make it even more fun, we used a whiteboard and started comparing with the use of the symbols ( > , < , = ). I drew the symbols on the whiteboard and have mei mei placed the containers of pasta on the correct sides. We also adjusted the amount of pasta in each container at different times so that she can compare which is more or less and amend the symbol or she can switch the containers accordingly.

Once they get the hang of comparisons, you can play with numbers as well. If you have cubes, you can stack up the cubes to demonstrate the concept of more and less too.

Out and about
Learning doesn’t always need to be indoor. There are loads of opportunities to learn about more, less or equal when you are out and about. On top of that, you child will feel happier and motivated to learn too. For example:
1. In a supermarket, some of the items come in bigger packs and some are smaller. Have your child do the comparison. Place the items in a basket or a plastic bags and get them do the comparisons too.
2. In a garden, have your child count the number of flowers on a plant. Which plants have more flowers and which has less?
3. At the beach, practice writing numbers and symbols on the sand. Have 2 containers or bags and put in the sand, which has more and which has less?

– understand the concept of more, less and equal
– know how to compare by counting or comparing the amount by visual

Slowly but surely, with learning through play, your child will develop the love of learning. To reinforce what you have taught, we have a FREE worksheet for you to practice with your child. Click on the image below and download now. Have fun learning!

Click on image to go to the download page!

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