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I blew my top right at the front door!

I blew my top right at the front door!

Yes, you heard me right. I blew my top right at the front door where every neighbour in our area can hear me for sure! I couldn’t contain my anger anymore because I have been enduring it for the past 3 months (almost 4 months now) and the container just blew up today. I have been reminding gor gor, since the beginning of the year till date, to pack his bag the night before and not when he is about to go to school. Today is the last straw for me as he started crying for his book and insisting on finding it before going to school!

Guess what? Earlier today I just read an article about parents yelling at their children and how damaging it is. The title of the article is Talking to your child after you yell, and it mentioned that parents yelled at their children, on average, once a month. WHAT? How can it be just once a month? I have been yelling (not every day) but definitely more than that! Being a stay-home mom wasn’t a bed of roses, mind you. We are always dealing with the little ones’ tantrum 24 x 7 and we DO try to control ourselves most of the time. To be in so control and patience forever, is IMPOSSIBLE. Is just like asking a pig to fly.

I yelled not because I want to belittle them, not because I want to hurt them but I want them to know my limit has reached and they have to be awakened by my yelling to know what kind of damage they have done. I don’t just yell for the sake of yelling but I yell to get them to know that attention is required here and now. I yelled to let them know that many reminders have been given and they are still not remembering it by heart. I don’t just yell without giving any chances. I do talk to them nicely which leads to reminding and lastly nagging before it becomes a yell. It’s a progression.

Life with children is like a life on a roller coaster ride. So, please do not judge when a parent started yelling because the parent (regardless a mum or a dad, working or non-working) may have done loads or endure long enough before it becomes a yell.

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