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Eggy science experiment

Smarties love science. Whenever they have their hands on youtube, they will search for science experiments and watch how people conduct the experiments or doing research. They watched so many of the shows that they requested to have their own science experiment show too! Of course, mummy will be uber glad to be able to help them video record their very first show.

Smarties were pretty nervous and their speech wasn’t really consistent, and pardon my video skill, as I have some issues getting the right focus. Nonetheless, a very good try on their very first attempt on the video!

We did a very simple experiment, without much setup required. All you need is just:
– a glass of fresh water
– a glass of salt water and
– 2 eggs (you can use 1 egg too if you don’t have 2. Just need to “reuse” the egg)

Why this experiment?
Smarties wondered why the same object can float or sink in different types of water? Well, that got to do with the *density of the object and the water surrounding it. When the water is denser than the object, the object will float. In order to make the water denser, we added salt to it. Now, let’s explore with the eggs!

Psst…in order for the egg to float up high, you need lots of salt added to the water. Go ahead and try with different amount of salt in the water and see how the egg floats in it. It’s really fun because seeing is believing!

*density = thickness or compactness of a substance

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