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Hello, everyone and thanks for dropping by/following our blog. I am a stay at home busy mother of 2 wonderful smarties (a boy and a girl). Being a stay home mum has a lot of challenges but no matter what, I enjoy the time bonding with my children.

Being a parent isn’t as easy as 123 or ABC. My journey as a mom is like a roller coaster ride. Not only do I teach them, I learn from there too. This journey is definitely full of excitement and at times, emotional.

Come and join us on the journey of finding, discovering and revealing the fun of learning, the fun of playing and the fun of parenting!

Why I started Young Smarties?
Smarties were being homeschooled when they were younger. Although, now that they are in schools and we are no longer under the homeschooling curriculum, we do continue our home learning journey outside the classroom. We are always exploring new ways to learn and we create our own learning materials too! On top of making learning fun, we encourage family bonding and connectivity.

This blog was born since then as we wanted to share our learning and parenting experiences with you. In addition, it will also be turned into a diary for smarties to look back when they are older so that they are able to see what we have learned, how we have learned and what is important to us as a family.

To provide/share creative and fun learning materials and parenting ideas for parents and educators worldwide.

Drop us a message if you are interested in our topics or to collaborate with us. Let’s make learning and parenting excitingly fun!

2 thoughts on “About”

  • Hi, Could you please share the material used to teach your smarties. I didnt see any store sort of in this site.

    • Hi Laks,
      Thanks very much for the interest. Currently, my store site is under revamped hence is not available for the time being. If you do not mind, do leave us your email address by following this blog or email us your address, so that we will be able to inform you once our store is up and running 🙂

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